Sports Networks

A sports network is an organisational tool that is used to develop sport in the community, a network of organisations designed to enhance communication between all the relevant partners to support the development of sport.  Sports network can be large or small, national and/or local.  The network should be planned to include all the key agencies and individuals within the local area.

The sports network is used to:

  • Promote the awareness of baseball and softball clubs and leagues in their local communities.
  • Promote events related to baseball and softball clubs and leagues.
  • Support clubs and leagues, through information and grant funding.

BSUK advocates the need for clubs and leagues to work with partners both local and national:

  • To increase awareness and participation in baseball and softball.
  • To improve the health of our members.
  • To help create stronger communities both in sport and in society.
  • To improve knowledge of baseball and softball.
  • To benefit the economies of baseball and softball.

Networking has the potential to offer clubs and leagues the opportunity to share resources, information, ideas and approaches to the successful running of their clubs and leagues.  It can help to widen participation activities in the local community and attract more players to the sports.  A sports network can also be a series of smaller networks combining to make up a larger network.

Strategic networks

Sport England
Department of Culture, Media & Sport
Sport and Recreation Alliance

Statutory networks

County Sports Partnership
Local Authorities
Community Sports Networks

Sports-specific networks

British Baseball Federation
British Softball Federation

Training networks

Running Sport
Sports Coach UK

Funding networks

Community Foundation Network
Community, voluntary service
Local funders

Education networks

Local Authority Education
School Sports Partnerships
Local schools

By linking with some of the agencies listed above, a club or league should be able to construct a network that is specific to their needs. 

Sport is now seen as a universal language in communicating values and messages to others.  It is a very strong tool that is being used more and more by government and its agencies to look at issues that can be promoted by sport.  To meet these issues, it is essential that sports networks are established.

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