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Liam Carroll

The Academy is designed to help young players turn the off-season into an opportunity to become better, stronger and fitter athletes.  This is a great time to make improvements in your game, and our excellent Academy staff will be on hand to help you do it.

That's the promise made on our website.  Having taken in quite a few youth and adult practises and games this season, we're delivering on that promise.  I don't think there's a better way for such a broad section of our players and coaches to receive a better education in our sports. 

Home is where you make it

Many a baseball and softballer walked through the gates of Upper Heyford and I for one have some tremendous memories of the place.  However, our move to Milton Keynes has taken the quality of Academy practises to the next level.  With extensive outdoor space and a large indoor venue the coaching staffs can plan extensive and comprehensive plans for players.  Considering facility improvements planned for the future, every player's experience can only be enhanced.


Perhaps the most important cogs that makes the wheels of The Academy turn are the people involved in administration and coaching.  We have some tremendous people from within BSUK and more importantly from clubs across the country, all fully committed to helping every player reach the best of their abilities.  With such dedication I think we could hold Academy sessions in a car park and find a way to get better every day.  An additional reward for the coaches is the opportunity to improve their own delivery.  From coaching in different settings to interacting with peers, every Academy practise offers coaches as well as players the chance to improve.


Beyond seeing "better, stronger and fitter athletes" one of the impacts of The Academy I've enjoyed watching most is the "way" players and coaches go about their business on game day.  I've absolutely seen players who have improved their skills.  That impact is plain and evidenced by the number of Academy players competing for GB teams and progressing to the top levels of British competition.  But it's the culture and etiquette of playing the game the right way that I enjoy most when watching Academy players in action.  From wearing a uniform like it's meant to be worn to hustling on and off the field, it's that type of education that excites me most about the impact of The Academy and the success we're having developing players.  That's the type of result that enhances the quality of baseball and softball across British leagues.

The Experience

I'd prefer it if the season lasted forever but since it doesn't, The Academy is always something to look forward to.  I'm sure that after the last pitch is won and the dust settles, every player will have at least one thing they'd like to work on (if they don't, then this probably isn't for them).  Considering the coaching expertise and core of committed players we see every winter, I'm confident that The Academy will help you work on that one thing and much more. 

So, enjoy the rest of the 2012 season, but keep on the lookout for info about The Academy.  We'll announce details about the 2012-13 programme soon; taking part will be a great stepping stone to becoming the best player - or coach - you can be.


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colin coster 20:48

Will the programme be taking place at the new venue at milton keynes ?
where will the details be available to see ?

thank you


Craig 23:56

The academy is the biggest waste of money…. £50 and the tips i learned from the “coaches” were “raise your leg thats where all the power comes from pitching” and “i want you all to come back next week with your back leg lifting over your shoulder when you pitch because thats what lots of major leguers do”.... no explanation WHY they do that just telling us to do it which causes a whole load of mechanical faults when trying to force the back leg to lift. Many of the coaches (not all) seemed like they had no idea what they were talking about.


Jeff 16:47

I just want to say how much I love the Academy!  It really helped me prepare for the 2012 season and I can’t wait for it to start again in the Autumn and to work with Coach Carroll on my ‘A-cut’.  I only wish there were more Academy practices in the summer as well.

About Liam Carroll

Liam Carroll

Liam was a Regional Coach and then Development Coordinator for BaseballSoftballUK until May 2014. He returned to his hometown of London to work for BSUK in 2010 after stops in Somerset, Bristol, Cornwall, California and Nevada. Growing up playing in Britain, Liam made the move to America to study and play university baseball. After figuring out that his future would be brighter as a coach rather than player, he moved to the University of Nevada Las Vegas to finish his degree and coach college baseball. Since then he’s coached youth and adult teams on both sides of the atlantic and with the Great Britain Baseball National Teams.

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