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Liam Carroll

For the Essex Redbacks and their self-confessed unsymmetrical team photo, and for anyone else who wants their team photo to look good!

Line everyone up from tallest to shortest. Start arranging your photo with the tallest player - he or she will be in the middle of the back row.  The next two tallest players will stand either side of the tallest and keep adding players on each side.  The Redbacks have a pretty tall dude on their club, so having three players on each side of him will look good.  The other six players can form the front row, using the same system - tallest in the middle and add players on each side.  Your shortest player should end up at either side of the front row (I write from experience on this).

Everyone should wear a hat and remove sunglasses to show off the team's logo.

Players in the back row should stand with their hands behind their back.  A variation is for the players to angle their bodies towards the middle of the photo - if you have an even number, every one should do this, if you have an odd number, then everyone except the tallest player in the middle should.  Another variation, which would look good when the back row includes more players than the front row, is for just the player at each end to angle themselves towards the middle of the photo.

Players in the front row should take a knee - right knee on the ground, left knee up.  Right hand over left hand. 

Since they're on a knee and less mobile, have the back row move left or right to ensure that the two rows are aligned. 

If you have a bigger roster, add rows - for example the back row standing on a bench, middle row standing on the ground and front row kneeling.

This one here isn't bad - I'd give it a 7.

1, 2, 3, cheese.


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About Liam Carroll

Liam Carroll

Liam was a Regional Coach and then Development Coordinator for BaseballSoftballUK until May 2014. He returned to his hometown of London to work for BSUK in 2010 after stops in Somerset, Bristol, Cornwall, California and Nevada. Growing up playing in Britain, Liam made the move to America to study and play university baseball. After figuring out that his future would be brighter as a coach rather than player, he moved to the University of Nevada Las Vegas to finish his degree and coach college baseball. Since then he’s coached youth and adult teams on both sides of the atlantic and with the Great Britain Baseball National Teams.

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