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Chris Knoblock

Last week, the Boston Red Sox Fans of the UK started supporting the Worcester Sorcerers baseball club through a series of online auctions. BSUK’s Chris Knoblock spoke with Adam Perry, who organized the fundraising efforts, about the initiative.

Walk me through the process of the fundraiser – how does it work?

At the moment, it's early stages. Currently, it's mostly UK Red Sox fans- it's driven from our Facebook page, which has about 1500 people and has been running for about 13 years. What we're doing is asking people to donate any unwanted, predominantly Red Sox merchandise (shirts, jerseys, etc), then auctioning it off. I started off with the supporter flag from the 2019 London Series; that was the first thing that went on, and we had some other items in the first round. The first round of auctions is now complete, and we raised about £250 from that round. We've also encouraged people to donate out of the goodness of their heart; we had one fan who won some money betting on the Red Sox and donated as well!

MLB Europe is going to donate something, and we're getting a donation from a local, well known podcaster as well, and this is obviously not Red Sox stuff. So now we're thinking about how to open it up - the Facebook page is predominantly Red Sox fans - and are working on a way to reach as big a crowd as possible, while still making it a Red Sox fan-based project. We raised money for GB Baseball last year and want to pay it forward again to help grow the game in the UK.

Why the Worcester Sorcerers?

I was on Twitter a few weeks back and saw that Worcester was advertising their sponsorship programme and said 'this is great.' This was the first British baseball team I had seen doing that. With Worcester in the West Midlands, and no Red Sox fan group players on the team, they were completely location neutral - but the really fun link in is that the new Red Sox Triple-A team will be in Worcester (MA). While I'm sad to see the PawSox go, it was a great connection for is.

We messaged the Sorcerers, and they were really excited about it - they were the first to get their [butt] in gear for sponsorship that I saw, and we decided to take it forward.

Why did you decide to raise money for a local UK team when you’re an MLB fan group? How can other teams and fan groups follow your lead?

I would love to start a fundraising rivalry with another MLB Community club. From what I've read, a number of local baseball teams are struggling, and we wanted to give back. I love baseball; I've watched a number of games in the UK, and we can't just live our lives watching the game on TV. If we love the game, we want to eventually see players from our shores inspire kids. We need to improve the framework here in the UK, and if we want to see British stars play for our team one day, what better way to support than the compete grassroots?

You can follow the Boston Red Sox Fans in the UK here: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

Follow the Worcester Sorcerers here: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

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Chris Knoblock

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