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Chris Rawlings

Since launching in August 2020, the BaseballSoftballUK Development Charter has proved to be a real hit with clubs and leagues up and down the country. Created to reaffirm our commitment to supporting clubs and leagues, as well as clarifying the support available, it has been the basis of dozens of positive meetings and discussions, all aiming to enable clubs and leagues to become safer, stronger and more sustainable.

As well as being available to all clubs and leagues affiliated to the British Baseball Federation and British Softball Federation, clubs and leagues are able to register in their own right. To date we have had the following register directly:

  • 9 Leagues
  • 45 Clubs
  • 13 Universities

View the list here.

This engagement has resulted in meetings and calls being set to up to answer queries relating to the Development Charter, allowing clubs and leagues to establish their own development priorities. The content of the Charter is then positioned to support them in achieving this. The Development Charter is designed around serval pillars of support areas, covering the following aspects:

As well as one to one support through the dedicated team of BaseballSoftballUK relationship managers, the Development Charter includes webinars for club and league administrators to attend. The first one, staged on 2 November 2020, focused on supporting clubs and leagues on their management, particularly focusing in the impact of Covid-19. Delivered in partnership with Sport Structures and the Club Matters programmes, representatives from more than 10 organisations attended.

The second Development Charter workshop took place on 20 January 2021, with more than three times the attendance of the first webinar, and discussed the Facility Journey with presentations from Al Binns (Newcastle Nighthawks Baseball Club), Andrew Bunting (LondonSports) and BSUK’s very own Events & Facilities Manager, Sam Haslam.

Tom Rochester from the first-year Telford Baseball Club has been effusive in his praise of the Charter, saying, “This [Development Charter] has been great for Telford Baseball Club in its first year. Resources on field/mound building, helping secure local funding we hadn’t found before, coaching courses and more regular stuff about club structure, safeguarding etc. We’ve appreciated the benefits for sure.”

All information on the Development Charter can be found here.

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