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John Walmsley

That could be the strapline to British baseball and softball -- “Come and have a go…”  That mindset has helped to more than double participation over the last decade.

But here I’m talking about podcasts, and more broadly, about people putting their heart and soul into something they enjoy but want to share with the world.

This last week I recorded an interview on Stu Walton’s It’s Not Rounders podcast.  For over a year Stu has been putting out a weekly podcast covering the British baseball landscape.  I applaud Stu, and people like him, who are prepared to “come and have a go” without any backing, and without any formal approvals or blessing.  It’s the democratisation of communication.

While just about anyone can be a blogger, podcaster or a YouTube vlogger, only some like Stu stick at it, improve the product, and have a clear goal in mind.

I really enjoyed my interview with Stu, and more so the chat we had before and after the formal taping was done.  He was just as engaging and friendly off-air as I thought he would be, with a real passion for the sport.  I was lucky enough last year to discover the podcast after its first week, via a Twitter post I happened to see.  I’ve been hooked ever since, adding it to my regular weekly download list for my office commute.

If you’ve yet to discover It’s Not Rounders then I suggest you head to iTunes or PodOMatic and get yourself educated.  It’s not about listening to me talk this time (although that would be nice!), but from recent weeks you can listen back to Jonny Gould talk about his love of baseball and the “time of his life” presenting on Channel 5.  There’s Ben Davis from Southampton talking championships and European club Cup action.  There’s Matt Crawshaw talking about a UK Under-10 Team playing for the first time in the Czech Republic.  And so much more.  Catch up on fixtures and results.  Hear the history and ambitions of clubs around the country.

I even managed to get over my challenge with the podcast’s name, since I’m on good terms with the past and current chairs of England Rounders, and BSUK helped get a Rounders v Softball event played at Farnham Park in 2016.

Community-led, volunteer-led initiatives like Stu’s podcast, springing up out of nowhere and propelled by sheer determination to communicate a positive and clear message for baseball in this country, should be commended and supported.

I’m John Walmsley, chair of BaseballSoftballUK and I love the It’s Not Rounders podcast.  Go and listen to some baseball!

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About John Walmsley

John Walmsley

John was chair of BaseballSoftballUK from 2011 to 2017, a non-executive directorship. He is a past-secretary of the British Baseball Federation (2007-09) and past-president at Richmond Baseball and Softball Club (2006-10), in Surrey. John enjoys coaching and developing people, both in sport and in business. John and his partner Robyn split their time between Surrey and Lancashire. John is an executive with a global consulting and technology company, where he focuses on the commercial management of large-scale engagements.

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