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Liam Carroll

Daily Routines to Develop a Prepared Infielder
Sean McDermott – Assistant Coach, University of Illinois at Chicago

Clinic Topics

1. Traits of an Infielder
a. Aggressive, confident, creative…prepared!
2. Functional Throwing instead of Traditional Long Toss
a. Positional throwing – at your position.
b. Integration with points 4 and 6.
3. Fungo Series – Control, Attacking and Creative
a. Control – transitional rhythm to throw.
b. Creativity = playtime, let them play!
4. Cuts and relays – Systematic way to get the ball into the appropriate base
a. Alignment.
b. Depth.
c. Positioning.
d. Communication.
e. Decisions.
5. Rundowns Priorities and Fundamentals
6. 1st and 3rd Priorities and Fundamentals
7. Tag Plays
8. Pickoff Positioning
9. Dive Plays – Fundamentals
10. Winning doesn’t just happen on game day, it happens each day
a. A confident player is a prepared player.

My Most Important Thing

Bret Davis, my head coach at Porterville College, asked just three things of us each game: make the routine plays, throw strikes and put the ball in play.  Baseball is a sport where routine plays are so similar so much of the time that preparing for them is pretty simple – as long as you have systems, a plan and you make the time to get the necessary repetitions.  Coach McDermott has given his players a system for just about everything that you can predict happening on a baseball field, i.e. those routine plays.  If you don’t have a system for parts of the game like Cuts and Relays and Rundowns then you’re leaving what should be routine plays to chance.  The likely result is that you’ll give your opponent extra outs to work with.

Give your players some simple rules to follow so they can execute the predictable, routine plays and give them quality, game or game-like experience and creative practice time to develop their instincts so they can execute when the less predictable happens.

Last Up: Matt Talarico

Coach McDermott's was the last presentation of the 2013 ABCA Convention and wraps up my clinic recaps.  I hope you've enjoyed them and if you are a coach, that you found at least one thing that can help you better impact your players and teams.


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Liam Carroll

Liam was a Regional Coach and then Development Coordinator for BaseballSoftballUK until May 2014. He returned to his hometown of London to work for BSUK in 2010 after stops in Somerset, Bristol, Cornwall, California and Nevada. Growing up playing in Britain, Liam made the move to America to study and play university baseball. After figuring out that his future would be brighter as a coach rather than player, he moved to the University of Nevada Las Vegas to finish his degree and coach college baseball. Since then he’s coached youth and adult teams on both sides of the atlantic and with the Great Britain Baseball National Teams.

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