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Chris Knoblock

We're fortunate that the British baseball community is chock full of podcasts about the game - both domestic and international! In this post, BSUK's Chris Knoblock rounds up some of the UK's best pods and how you can find them, in no particular order. Missing/incorrect information or not listed? Email Chris .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).

This article was updated in April 2021 - Read Part 2 HERE.

British Baseball Podcast

Host: Matt Mutton
Podcast Home Page:
Host’s Episode PickGetting to know - Gavin Marshall


Email:.(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) 
In their own words: “The British baseball podcast is a weekly show for your British baseball needs. Hosted by Matt Mutton and featuring guests ranging from players, coaches and key influencers with in the British grassroots baseball community.”
Editor's note: Matt's style of interview allows for guests to speak freely, and he frequently solicits and asks questions from the community - giving listeners an unfiltered and honest look at his guests. While Matt's new to the podcast game, the British Baseball Podcast has grown rapidly in its first season, and we can't wait to see what's next! 

Bat Flips and Nerds

Hosts: John McGee, Tom Pringle, Darius Austin, Ben Carter with Russell Eassom, Rachel Steinberg, Rob Noverraz
Podcast Home Page:
Editor’s Episode PickEpisode 151 - Autobiographical Baseball

Email: .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)
In their own words: “A UK based baseball blog and podcast run by a bunch of enthusiasts who prefer grey trousers to sleep patterns. As the name suggests we’re more about the stories and the drama than the tradition.”
Editor's note: Bat Flips may very well be the standard for UK-based baseball podcasts. With a rotating crew of hosts and guests, and a focus on MLB, there's always something to capture the listener's attention. You'll be hard pressed to find a more dedicated baseball media outlet in the UK.

Bats, Caps and Sunflower Seeds

Hosts: Ian Rudd and Ashley Waller
Podcast Home Page
Host's Episode PickEpisode 4 - Is it supposed to be that colour?

Email: .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) 
In their own words: “Two guys decide to do a baseball podcast who met playing grassroots baseball (Norwich Iceni Warriors). Ashley, who had no prior experience with Baseball thought it would be a good idea to join a team. Ian, who grew up watching baseball with his family for more years then he cares to admit. Join us as we discuss baseball from the grassroots up. From our delayed season start of the newly developed East of England Baseball League (EEBL) to the MLB. We hope this will encourage you to pick up a bat and give it a go, learn something or at the very least, something to chuckle at. What could go wrong?”
Editor's note: A Norfolkian take on the Great American Pastime, BCSS is a great look at the journey of a UK baseball player - from deciding to play to getting out on the field. Listen for entertaining anecdotes and a candid look at grassroots baseball!


Hosts: Nick Wright; George Martin and Jack Brown
Podcast Home Page:
Editor’s Pick: Jon Morosi Special

Email.(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) 
In their own words: “A podcast by the fans, for the fans! A weekly round up of the hot topics in MLB, covered by the fans, all the results and updates from the week before and look to the week ahead, all teams covered, Plus what’s happening in UK Baseball and information about MLB UK Community meet ups around the UK and lots, lots more."
Editor's note: The official podcast of the MLB UK community takes a UK look at MLB, with lots of roundtable discussions and insight from the hosts. With a number of MLBUK Community guests, there's plenty of chat for fans of every team. Make sure to check out IN PLAY: RUNS during the season as well for a podcast-esq look at games as they happen!

The Josh and Jonny Show

Hosts: Jonny Gould, Josh Chetwynd and producer Erik Janssen
Podcast Home Page:
Host’s Episode Pick: Hello Fellow Baseball Nuts!

In their own words: “The original Boys of Summer - Jonny Gould, Josh Chetwynd and Erik Janssen - are getting the band back together for a brand new MLB podcast like no other! Rebooted for a new decade, the fab three will get into all the big stories from around baseball, checking in with old pals and chatting to a host of new faces. Dropping every week through the season!”
Editor's note: The classic. The original. The genesis. The Channel 5 boys are back, and in podcast form! An incredibly insightful, weekly look at the game across the world, with a focus on MLB and the stories from around the game. Plus, they have access to interviewees that few others in the UK do!

Ballcaps and Bagpipes

Hosts: Jason Derr and John McKellar
Podcast Home Page:
Editor’s Episode PickEpisode 7 - Oh, Danny Boy... 

Email: .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)
In their own words: "Weekly podcast covering Baseball Scotland hosted by Jason Derr and John McKellar. Listen now wherever you get your favourite podcasts.”
Editor's note: A Scottish take on the game, Ballcaps and Bagpipes is the pod for all things Scottish Baseball. Jason and John take a look both at Scottish competition as well as the rest of the baseball world, with a Caledonian twist!

Ducks Across the Pond

Hosts: Aidan, Alex, Ren and Matt
Podcast Home Page:
Host’s Episode PickDucks Across the Pond Podcast Ep.1: Drew Spencer

In their own words: “Ducks Across The Pond is the newest Baseball broadcast coming to the United Kingdom. The four members; Aidan, Alex, Ren and Matt; have all grown up playing the game of Baseball and now have decided to share that journey into discovering Baseball knowledge with others. This Podcast will be getting into the nitty-gritty parts of Major League Baseball and also focusing on the Baseball that we all love here in the UK.”
Editor's note: The new kids on the block, Ducks Across the Pond arrived with a splash by interviewing new GB Baseball Manager Drew Spencer. We're eagerly looking forward to what comes next! 

Reading the Game

Hosts: Steve Klein & Phil Stone
Podcast Home Page:
Editor’s Pick: Episode 8 - Ball Four

Email.(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) 
In their own words: “Reading The Game is a podcast that brings together baseball fans to discuss baseball books. The plan for each episode is to welcome a guest and delve deeply into a specific book and analyse its impact on the game and its legacy as well as any themes and points of interest. We want it to be community-driven, and we invite listeners to read or re-read the book for each episode in advance of recording, and to contribute their thoughts and ideas on the book which can be woven into to the discussion on the podcast.”
Editor's note: A great podcast for those getting into baseball literature, or for those looking to expand their reading list, Reading the Game differs from most of the other pods on this list due to it's focus on baseball books. A great listen for those who don't play, but love the game - and for history buffs!

Roll Out The Barrel

Hosts: Mark and Sean
Podcast Home Page:
Host’s PickEpisode 3

In their own words: “All about the Milwaukee Brewers Baseball team from a UK perspective hosted by Sean and Mark.”
Editor's note: The official UK pod for Milwaukee fans, listen for the latest on Yelich, Hader, and the rest of the Crew!

Broad Street to Britain: A UK Phillies Podcast

Host: Dave Shaw
Podcast Home Page:
Editor’s Pick: EP 21- Spring training is here!

In their own words: “A fans show looking at the Phillies week by week from across the Pond. Reviewing a week in the Phillies, letting you have your say from Twitter and Facebook, competitions, fun interviews and plenty more!”
Editor's note: For Phanatics on this side of the Pond, Broad Street to Britain takes a look at the Phillies from the UK perspective. Listen in for the latest on Harper, Hoskins, and more!

Mets Across the Pod

Hosts: Tracey Wilks, Jo Lenton, Andrew Beasley, David Tait and Les McCaughan
Podcast Home Page:
Editor’s PickEpisode 20 - Talkin' to Tim Ryder

In their own words: “A United Kingdom based podcast by fans of the New York Mets for Fans of the New York Mets, as well as other MLB related chat!”
Editor's note: The Amazin' podcast for fans of Mr. Met's team, the Across the Pod crew brings you the latest news from the Mets! 

The Empire Strikes Back

Host: Rob, Kevin, Jack, Chris
Podcast Home Page:
Editor’s PickTESBUK 46

In their own words: “A UK based New York Yankees podcast dedicated to all things Yankees with a UK twist.”
Editor's note: The editor is a Red Sox fan, but there's no denying that these guys know their stuff! Tune in for the latest from the boys in pinstripes during the season!

‘Stros Across the Globe

Host: George Martin
Podcast Home Page
Host’s PickEpisode 3 - Tony Kemp

In their own words: “An international view of the Houston Astros aimed at connecting and expanding the Astros’ fanbase around the world, presented by George Martin. The show features regular Astros-centric special guests and prize giveaways for Astros fans in association with Apollo Media.”
Editor's note: Blast off, Astros Fans, with a UK podcast just for you! Check in on Houston throughout the season, with great interviews including Astros players!

Big Boys Don't Bunt

Hosts: Paddy Johnston, Samuel C. Williams and Rozi Hathaway
Podcast Home Page:
Host’s Pick: Episode 4 - Trouble with the Curve

In their own words: “Big Boys Don't Bunt is a podcast about movies about baseball, presented by Paddy Johnston, Samuel C. Williams and Rozi Hathaway.”
Editor's note: With so many fantastic baseball movies out there, it's hard to know where to start - but Big Boy's Don't Bunt will be your guide! Looking at classics like 'Field of Dreams' to more modern masterpieces like 'Moneyball', there's a great mix of movies for both cinephiles and baseball addicts!

Fish Across the Pond

Hosts: Peter, Dan, Lee and Rob
Podcast Home Page:
Host’s Pick: Ep39 - Fish Across the Pond - Spring Training Series part 4 - 'El Capitan' with Miguel Rojas

In their own words: 4 UK based Miami Marlins fans providing weekly coverage and analysis.
Editor's notes: The Marlins may not be one of the most popular teams in the UK, but that should change - with some young talent, a familiar owner, and some rabid fans in Britain, Fish Across the Pond may just change that. Plus, they, like 'Stros Across the World, have a number of player interviews in their archive!

Touching Base (on hiatus)

Former host: Luke Stott
Editor’s Pick: Touching Base Episode 11: England WON The World Cup?

In their own words: The official podcast of BaseballSoftballUK, Touching Base’s last episode aired just about two years ago.
Editor's note:…or did it?

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