‘Pitch In’ : Club Maintenance Officer

You’re in charge of the lay of the land.  You ensure that the club's facilities are well maintained.  The playing and training areas through to spectator stands and car parks will all come under your watchful eye.

Time commitment:

Anything from four or five hours a week to full time, depending on the size of the club and grounds.

What you’ll do:

  • Order supplies to carry out maintenance work, liaising with the club Chairman and Treasurer.
  • Ensure that everything on the grounds and at the training facilities is safe for players, spectators, staff and visitors.
  • Manage outside contractors as necessary and keep an eye on their standard of work.
  • Advise on field conditions and whether a match is playable.
  • Prepare the field(s) for training or play: mow, mark lines, put up hoardings and security fencing, check bases, balls etc.
  • After games, oversee the cleaning of the grounds/facilities and ensure everything is restored to its pre-game condition.

Skills required:

  • Experience of grounds maintenance.
  • The ability to enjoy working in outdoor as well as indoor environments.
  • Experience with health and safety issues.
  • Reliability and commitment.
  • Experience of using maintenance equipment.
  • Friendliness and approachability.


  • Learning new skills and developing existing skills through hands-on experience.
  • Personal and professional development and/or training.
  • The ability to explore career or job opportunities in a voluntary capacity.
  • A chance to have fun and meet new people, enjoying the traditional social life that baseball or softball clubs generate.
  • Experiencing new challenges.
  • Supporting your local community, with the personal satisfaction that comes with knowing you have helped others.
  • A written/verbal reference.
  • A brilliant CV booster (73% of employers will employ a candidate with volunteer experience over one without).

Special conditions:

If the Club Maintenance Officer has contact with young people or vulnerable adults, he or she must have a Criminal Records Bureau (CRB) check.

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