‘Pitch In’ : Club Fundraiser

Without funding, the running of any club is difficult, so the Club Fundraiser has a key role.  You will focus on increasing funds through sponsorship and the establishment of long-term relationships with potential funders, as well as developing new and imaginative fund-raising ideas.

Time commitment:

Ongoing throughout the year, approximately a couple of hours a week.

What you’ll do:

  • Plan and organise fundraising activities for your club.
  • Identify all funding possibilities, from match day opportunities to larger fundraising events.
  • Understand the financial requirements of the club.
  • Obtain financial and in-kind sponsorship.
  • Make sure effective fundraising support materials are designed and available for use by all members of the club.
  • Collect funds raised and pass the money on to the Treasurer.
  • Monitor and accurately record the success of fundraising activities.

Skills required:

  • Organisational skills.
  • Creativity and innovation.
  • Good communication skills.
  • Proactivity and a self-starter.
  • Enthusiasm.
  • The ability to research, plan and devise strategies.
  • Research capability.


  • Contribute to a well-managed and governed club.
  • The satisfaction of growing and developing the club's finances.
  • Learning new skills and developing existing skills through hands-on experience.
  • Personal and professional development and/or training.
  • The ability to explore career or job opportunities in a voluntary capacity.
  • A chance to have fun and meet new people, enjoying the traditional social life that baseball or softball clubs generate.
  • Experiencing new challenges.
  • Supporting your local community, with the personal satisfaction that comes with knowing you have helped others.
  • A written/verbal reference.
  • A brilliant CV booster (73% of employers will employ a candidate with volunteer experience over one without).

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