Webstreaming now available from BSF Premier Nationals

Sun 7 Aug 2016

BaseballSoftballUK is pleased to announce that high-quality broadcasts of the semi-final and final games from the Premier Nationals, played on 14 August at Farnham Park and produced byWebcastSport, are now available to watch for free on www.baseballsoftballuk.com/bsuktv.

The two games broadcast were the semi-final between H2O and Blue Steel, and then a tense and exciting final between H2O and Pioneers.

Plans are currently being finalised for an additional live stream this year, and then more regular broadcasts of baseball, fastpitch and slowpitch softball in conjunction with WebcastSport in 2017.


Webcast Sport draws on decades of experience in the world of sports broadcasting, with experience around the globe and at some of the biggest sporting events on offer.  Their team has produced live content for some of the biggest names in sports broadcasting, including Sky Sports and BT Sport.

Webcast Sport MD Kevin Magee said: “WebcastSport is proud to have partnered with BSUK to webcast the Co-ed Slowpitch Nationals, and we look forward to working closely with BSUK to grow the sport and to bring innovations to webcasting of softball and baseball across 2017 and beyond.  With the sports now included in the Tokyo Olympics, it is the perfect time to push the sport through to the next level by showing the next generation how the game is progressing in Britain, and we are planning many more webcasts with BSUK next year.”

BSUK’s Marketing, Communications & Events Officer, Trevor Greenaway-Clissold, said: “This is a really exciting partnership that goes beyond just streaming live games.  What has made WebcastSport stand out from other providers is their desire to be a part of our journey to grow baseball and softball and to get more people playing our sports.  We have dipped our toe in the water with regard to streaming games over the last two years and the product WebcastSport can produce will really take this to the next level.”

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