Trial days go well for London University Indoor Baseball League

Fri 16 Dec 2016

Ahead of launching the London University Indoor Baseball League, which will start in late January, BSUK has hosted several trial days recently at Play on Sport in London.

Play on Sport has long been home to London indoor softball leagues, but BSUK development staff wanted to see if baseball could be suitably adapted to a smaller playing space.  The conclusion was that the game still looks and feels like baseball but with the following changes:

  • The pitching rubber and bases are closer than normal.
  • A modified ball is used.
  • Innings are timed to ensure equal participation.
  • The ball is live off the nets and ceiling -- making for a fast and furious game.

Unique opportunity

Liz Knight, BSUK’s London Development Manager, said, “Most London Universities don’t have suitable indoor space or 3G available for teams to practice or play during the winter, so they are forced to train or practice outside.  This new Indoor Baseball League is a unique opportunity for teams to get some regular games in during the off-season.  Play on Sport is an ideal venue as it has plenty of social space where teams can mix before and after games, including free table tennis tables and a bar.”

Key focus

A key focus for BSUK over the past five years has been developing baseball and softball in the Higher Education Sector.

Regular localised competitions such as the London University Indoor Baseball League are important to retaining existing university teams and attracting more interest from new universities.  Support is available to new teams through Hit the Pitch, BSUK’s national participation programme.

Progress can be made amazingly quickly: Queen Mary University in London played their first games only two weeks after having their first practice session.  Joseph O’Connell, Queen Mary University Baseball Club President, and former Southampton University Softball and Baseball Club President, said: "Having now started a club at Queen Mary, BSUK’s role has been invaluable, both in terms of providing essential starting equipment and giving advice on advertising the club to potential members."

Feedback is being collated from the Indoor Baseball trial days and entry to the new league will be open shortly.

University teams interested in entering should email for further information.

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