Manchester Softball League succeeds in two grant applications

Sun 3 Apr 2011

During the off-season, Peter Jones, a member of the Manchester Softball League Executive and President of the Outlaws Softball Club, has been busy researching and filling in grant applications on behalf of the league.

And news has now come through that two of those applications have been successful.


Sport England

A letter from Sport England has recently arrived saying that the league has been awarded £1,525 under the Small Grants scheme to purchase three starter kits for new teams to support the planned expansion of the league.

The aim is to grow to four divisions from the existing three.


Manchester Airport Community Trust

Peter Jones had also applied for a Manchester Airport Community Trust Fund (MACTF) grant to build an outfield fence on the league's dedicated softball field at Parrs Wood School, built last year through a BSUK grant with money from Sport England.

Though the bid was for £1499.10 for the fence and £187.30 for two banners to advertise softball at the location, the MACTF agreed to award the MSL £1499 for the fence only.



Peter Jones said: "This is great news when coupled with the fact that I am personally willing to donate the 10p needed for construction on the fence to begin!

"And I am now two-for-two with my bids for grants," Peter added.

BSUK's North West Regional Development Manager Luis Arrevillagas said, "I am really happy to see Peter Jones' efforts rewarded. There are a number of conditions that have to be met and a lot of paper work that has to be completed and gathered for these grants to be awarded. But to raise over £3000 in a couple of grants is a great achievement.

"We have and will continue to support the MSL in their bids for grants," Luis added, "as well as any other club or league in the North West that wishes to raise some funds."

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