BUBS All-Star Event back this Saturday—and bigger than ever!

Thu 19 Apr 2018

The fourth edition of the British University Baseball & Softball (BUBS) All-Star Event will take place this Saturday, 21 April at Farnham Park.

An event that began with the BUBS All-Star Baseball Game in 2015 expanded to include women’s baseball in 2017 and this year slowpitch softball will make its debut

With 17 different universities represented, the event is sure to be a colourful celebration of a fantastic university baseball and softball season.

North v South

With each event being contested by a representative Southern and Northern Universities Team, captains were chosen from team performance at this season’s major university championships or on the basis of outstanding overall contribution.

Alec Newton (Nottingham) and Phil Cunningham (Portsmouth) were chosen to captain the North and South teams for the softball game, while Ben Casling (Nottingham) and James Garnham (Queen Mary) will take charge of the baseball teams.

Kate Winfield (Nottingham) and Matilda Brenham Williams (University of East Anglia) have been chosen to lead the women’s baseball teams due to their outstanding contribution to university baseball and softball during their academic careers.


Over 100 nominations for the All-Star Event were submitted by teams to the organising committee.  Those nominations were then passed to the captains to finalise their teams, with the only instruction being that every university that nominated a player must have at least one representative at that particular game.

Luke Stott, who founded the event and is now the Marketing, Communications and Events Officer for BaseballSoftballUK, said, “The BUBS All-Star Event is by far my favourite event of the year.  To see players from across the country play alongside their rivals from the rest of the year just brings a smile to your face and I’m so pleased that the community has taken the event to heart!”

The action will begin at 10:00 am on 21 April with the first-ever All-Star Slowpitch Softball
Game before the male Baseball All-Stars take over from noon to 3.00 pm.  Rounding out the day from 3.00-5.00 pm will be the Women’s Baseball Game, which will bring the curtain down on yet another successful season for university clubs.

The players

Here are the players chosen for each of the teams for Saturday’s BUBS All-Star Event (with some players playing in more than one game):

Northern Universities Softball All-Stars
Alec Newton -- Nottingham
Shannon Kemp -- UEA
Martin Clowes -- Loughborough
Romel Uriarte -- York
Kate Densley -- York
Luke Nelson -- Nottingham
Lauren Harrington -- York
Kate Winfield -- Nottingham
Georgia Adcock -- Loughborough
Matilda Brenham Williams -- UEA
Joey Santori -- UEA
Austin McMurchy -- Loughborough

Southern Universities Softball All-Stars
Oona Ylinen -- Surrey
Charlotte Chamberlain -- Kent
Lauren Church – Kings College London
Yoshi Yoneda -- Portsmouth
Bryan Chong -- Imperial
Nathan Harvey -- Brighton
Mitchell Prescott -- Reading
Crista Reed-Thomas -- Brighton
Zhafarina Ayu Ariani -- Brighton
Tamara Stevanovic -- Reading
Bekah Taylor -- Reading
Jeff Ho – Essex

Northern Universities Baseball All-Stars
Ben Casling -- Nottingham
Martin Clowes -- Loughborough
Doug McDougall -- Nottingham
Ming-Chan Su -- Sheffield
Alex Ingham -- Loughborough
Nathan Fernando -- Coventry
Tom Thornhill -- Nottingham
Peter Brocklehurst -- Nottingham
Rommel Uriarte -- York
Chen-An Yu -- Leeds
Kushal Hirani -- Swansea
Tom Carroll -- Oxford

Southern Universities Baseball All-Stars
James Garnham – Queen Mary
Masahide Okada -- Kent
Matt Russell – Queen Mary
Mark Skopec -- Imperial
Max Goodsell -- Kent
Dan Patterson -- Reading
Anthony Amaki-Furner -- Brighton
Tin Long Nip -- UCL
Jamie Dix – St. Marys
Jamse Casey -- UEA
Andreas Fropp -- UEA

Northern Universities Women’s Baseball All-Stars
Kate Winfield -- Nottingham
Alex Gidley -- Nottingham
Hannah Campbell Hewson -- Nottingham
Izzy Rendall -- Nottingham
Rebekah Taylor -- Reading
Tamara Stevanovic -- Reading
Rebekah Kay -- Nottingham
Jyotai Gosai -- Loughborough
Samara Nurse -- Loughborough
Grace Duffey -- Loughborough

Southern Universities Women’s Baseball All-Stars
Matilda Brenham Williams -- UEA
Charlotte Chamberlain -- Kent
Shannon Kemp -- UEA
Oona Ylinen -- Surrey
Ashley Nakamoto -- Brighton
Vanessa Yeo -- Essex
Andrea Handal – Kings College London
Sophie McKay-McGrahan – UEA
Daniela Tendon -- Essex

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