BSUK Equality and Diversity Survey Report now available

Mon 26 Sep 2016

BaseballSoftballUK, as the development agency for the sports in the United Kingdom, has an important role to play in monitoring the demographics of those involved, creating an inclusive and welcoming environment for all and proactively influencing involvement from minority groups.

To this end, BSUK carries out a demographic survey of its playing membership every year.  However, the survey carried out in 2016 had an expanded number of questions and the responses produced a comprehensive picture of the state of equality and diversity in our sports, and of the kinds of issues that influence how easy it is for people to play.

The study had input from 759 respondents and, on the whole, the responses paint a very favourable picture of the everyday experience of playing baseball/softball in this country.  However, the results of the survey will be used to ensure that BSUK can continue to remove any barriers to participation for both current and potential players. 

Here is a link to the Equality and Diversity Annual Monitoring Report for 2016.  


BSUK Joint CEO and Head of Development John Boyd, who was instrumental in compiling the Survey results, said: "Baseball and softball are highly inclusive and welcoming sports to people of every creed, culture, orientation and background.  Together, they present playing opportunities for men and women equally and are often enjoyed by young adults who generally continue to play into their 40s, thanks to the strong social element the sports contain.

"The findings that we have published in the Survey Report will be highly formative to the future work of BaseballSoftballUK,” John added.  “We have had feedback from players from across the playing community -- both the inner core of affiliated players and the wider band of people who take part in Hit the Pitch programmes and informal play.  They have clearly identified time and ease of play as things that might get in the way of continued participation and we intend to address this through our Hit the Pitch programme this off-season, next season and in the future.

"Baseball and softball are sports that have thrived through modifications that improve the playing offer,” John concluded.  “Since baseball was first codified, it has continued to hone and develop.  Softball emerged out of baseball and then co-ed slowpitch came about through further changes to improve the offensive and fielding aspects of the game.  While the data presented in the Survey Report doesn't call for wholesale changes, it does point to the need to consider how the sports -- particularly the commitment-heavy formats of fastpitch softball and baseball – can offer themselves in a modern, easy-to-access and fun way for players.  We believe this can be done through some creative and well-structured playing opportunities, working closely with the British Baseball and Softball Federations."

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