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    Winter Safeguarding update for baseball and softball clubs and teams

    According to BSUK Safeguarding Officer Mark Caress, the off-season is the perfect time for clubs and teams to get all their safeguarding administration and training out of the way, leaving next season free for the fun stuff—playing!

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    A Softball Perspective on World Mental Health Day

    A Softball Perspective on World Mental Health Day

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    Safeguarding: make the most of off-season opportunities

    With the 2018 outdoor softball and baseball season pretty much finished, now is the ideal time for managers, coaches and captains to get some of their safeguarding admin out of the way so you know you’ll be ready for 2019.

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    BSUK announces new safeguarding requirements

    In light of the many historic child abuse cases coming forward in football over hte past year, BSUK (which has delegated responsibility for safeguarding in our sports) has undertaken a thorough review of current proceedures and has instigated proposals to reduce the risk of a safeguarding issue damaging the reputation of our sports.

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    BSUK supports World Mental Health Day

    One in four of us—and that includes baseball and softball players in Britain—will experience mental health problems this year.  But having a mate, family member or a colleague in your corner can make all the difference.

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    BSUK offers important services to Safeguarding Officers

    BSUK will be running a sport-specific course for baseball and softball league, club and team Welfare/Safeguarding Officers in April and is urging Welfare/Safeguarding Officers to update their details so BSUK can work more effectively with them.

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    BSUK offers Educare safeguarding training - 50% discount to early birds!

    Aimed at coaches and club welfare officers, BSUK is offering an online training package to equip you with knowledge and skills on the welfare of children and vulnerable adults in sport.

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    Support for International Day of Persons with Disabilities

    BSUK and the British Baseball and Softball Federations are supporting the 22nd annual International Day of Persons with Disabilities on Wednesday 3 December, with BSUK looking to increase opportunities for people with disabilities to take part in our sports.

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