Fourth of July Celebration

In 2017, there are various baseball and softball events tying in with Fourth of July celebrations. Here, we've collected them together on one handy web page!

MLB Battlegrounds

When: 4 July 2017, 5-10pm
Where: British Summertime Festival, Hyde Park, London

MLB Battlegrounds promotional image

Major League Baseball is planning to host an exciting Fourth of July party in London on the British Summer Time Hyde Park music festival site, mixing baseball, street food and music and culminating in a Home Run Derby featuring former stars from the Boston Red Sox and Los Angeles Dodgers.

The free event, called MLB Battlegrounds, will run from 5.00-10.00 pm on American Independence Day, and will climax with a Home Run Derby on the Main Stage featuring former MLB players Carlos Pena, Cliff Floyd and Shawn Green along with US women’s softball stars and UK sporting heroes.

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4th of July Softball Series @ Hyde Park

When: 4 July 2017, 2-5pm
Where: Hyde Park (Old Football Pitches), London

Woman batting while team mates watch on

On Tuesday 4 July, BaseballSoftballUK is offering you a great day out in the capital: play some softball in the afternoon and go to a fan fest in the evening to celebrate the Fourth of July -- American Independence Day -- in a uniquely American way involving baseball, softball and the best of American food and drink!

The '4th of July Softball Series @ Hyde Park' will include an introduction to softball for those who have never played before, followed by a series of fun, social games. Afterwards, you can attend the MLB Battlegrounds extravaganza (see above).

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Local baseball and softball promotion for American Independence Day

When: 1-2 July 2017
Where: All over the UK!

Locally, whether based in or near London or further away, there is an opportunity for baseball and softball clubs to harness the Fourth of July celebrations to promote our sports.  BSUK is asking clubs to use their existing games or tournament on the weekend of 1 and/or 2 July as a chance to give their event a Fourth of July theme.

The key points to promote are:

  • This Fourth of July, we are celebrating the role that the United States has played in establishing our sports.
  • We are also celebrating the fact that baseball was born on these shores, with the first known game having been played in London, featuring the Prince of Wales, in 1748.
  • And we are also celebrating the fact that baseball and softball today are among the fastest-growing and most inclusive team sports in Britain.

Below is a list of ideas that clubs might be able to use to create a Fourth of July celebration around their existing event, and attract public interest and attention.

We have also made available a template press release that clubs can adapt for their event and put out locally to publicise. Download template press release

Please share your Fourth of July activities using the following hashtags #bsuk #4thofjuly #mlbbattlegrounds – with pictures if possible.

Ideas for tying local events to the MLB Fourth of July celebration

  • Promote your event to local American businesses and organisations and invite them to have a presence
  • Offer American-themed food at your event (hot dogs, popcorn, soft drinks like Dr Pepper etc)
  • See if you can find some low-cost American bunting to put up at the field
  • Hold your own Home Run Derby, inviting both players and spectators to have a go, and/or other skills and drills games with different prizes
  • Invite local schools to attend and organise a taster event for them
  • Run a showcase game for club or league members and their families.  This could be a good way to re-engage some people who have lapsed playing, others linked to the local club and some new people.
  • Use the MLB hook to run an Open Day offering intro sessions for men and women and boys and girls of all ages and abilities
  • Hold a competition whereby whoever brings the most people to the Open Day is awarded a prize (BSUK may be able to help)
  • Set up a youth tournament run by the club
  • Hold a movie night with a big screen or projector and screen baseball movies
  • Tailor local publicity around your event to attract potential new players


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